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Monster High Students

[edit] Holt Hyde

Holt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde. He thinks he is 16 years old. Holt is the alter ego of Jackson Jekyll and is unaware of his other half. Holt is extremely passionate about music. He only appears at night and has never seen the sun despite his best efforts. Recent information implies the transformation might be related to loud music, or is just another way to make it occur. In the books, he is known by DJ Hyde and only appears when the temperature is high. The books provide more background on Jackson and DJ (Holt) Hyde as their mother explains they are actually the grandsons of the original Dr. Jekyll. The tonic, however, combined with his DNA that is passed down to his descendants. Jackson and Holt’s father was driven mad from this and is in an asylum. In book 2, he learns about his alter-ego through Melody and Brett’s documentary on RADS. He has a pet chameleon named Crossfade, only a red color. Holt makes his first appearance in “Hyde and Shriek”. He finds out he is Jackson in “Deuling Personality”, but calls Jackson a normie and a dork. He is voiced by Cindy Robinson.

[edit] Jackson Jekyll

The son of Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Jekyll. The first human character within the original doll franchise. The website lists him as Deuce Gorgon’s best friend. According to Deuce’s diary, they met when Deuce went to play “casketball” (monster basketball). Jackson had a short-lived relationship with Draculaura, who grew tired of Jackson not showing up to their dates at night. His alter ego is Holt Hyde, but is unaware of it. Jackson only shows up during the day. Recent information implies the transformation might be related to loud music, or is just another way to make it occur. In his first webisode appearance “Fear Pressure”, he is the cousin of Heath Burns and is the only normie at Monster High. He is constantly bullied by other students for being human. In the books, he and Melody are a couple and he becomes aware of ‘DJ’ (Holt). In the lost chapter in the first Monster High novel, it’s revealed he probably helped Ghoulia in illustrating her Dead Fast fan comic. His pet is a chameleon named Crossfade, only the color tan and green. He found out that he is Holt in “Deuling Personality” finding the idea that his alter-ego is “loud” repulsive. He is voiced by Cindy Robinson.

[edit] Heath Burns

Heath was first seen as a background character in “Substitute Creature”. He started out as being Draculaura’s crush, but her infatuation soon ended. Heath has bumped up to being a regular character in the webisodes. In “Fear Pressure”, he mentions that Jackson is his normie cousin. Heath’s first mention in the dolls’ continuity is in Abbey’s diary where he is constantly hitting on her with corny one-liners. In the first novel, Heath appears to be a normie (human). In Book 2 “The Ghoul Next Door”, it is revealed that this Heath is a RAD as he sneezes fire. This ability he said appeared when he turned 15 and is still developing as it first started as gassy outbursts. In season 1, Heath was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, but as of Season 2, he is voiced by Cam Clarke. He has been trademarked for a doll.[1]

[edit] Spectra Vondergeist

The daughter of a ghost. She is 16 years old and has a ball and chain motif. She can float through walls and has an “uncanny” ability to hear school gossip. Spectra loves to be free and unbound to normal conventions. She prides herself on being sweet, like her favorite food, angel food cake, and getting the truth out to everyone about the ins and outs of Monster High. She writes the column “Oh My Oracle” for the school newspaper and does so anonymously so that her name is not linked to any possibly bad advice. Spectra believes she comes from a very noble family, until Ghoulia finds an old newspaper article that reveals the truth, which she promises to keep secret. What Spectra’s family did in the previous life is unknown, but the memory breaks her heart. Her first webisode mention/appearance is in “Miss Infearmation,” when she is known only as “The Ghostly Gossip.” She makes a full appearance in “Ghostly Gossip”. In the Fearbook, she is voted as “Most Likely to Star in a Reality TV Show.” Her pet is a ghostly ferret named Rhuen. Spectra does appear in the third Monster High novel. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.

[edit] Abbey Bominable

The 16-year-old daughter of the Yeti, Abbey is an exchange student from up north. She is described as a ghoul with white hair with blue and pink streaks in it and ear muffs. Her family happens to be good friends with the Headmistress and is living with her as she attends Monster High. Abbey’s native language is Yetish and can understand most of English, but has a hard time with the slang. In the Monster High TV series, she speaks with a Russian accent. Abbey is very direct and can sound unintentionally mean due to difference in cultures. She is a sweet girl with a good sense of humor underneath, but her height and strength does intimidate people. The Fearbook lists her as captain of the snowboarding team. In her diary, she writes about Heath Burns seeking a date by giving her corny pick-up lines. She ignores him partly for fun and won’t agree until he asks properly. Her pet is a baby woolly mammoth whose name is Shiver. Her first webisode appearance is in Back-to-Ghoul. Abbey is mentioned in the third Monster High novel, but only in a list of names for a petition to let Mrs. J have her job back. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald

[edit] Operetta

Operetta is the 16-year-old daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. Operetta has curly red hair, wears rockabilly-styled clothing, and a music note mask over her left eye. She has a scar that runs down from her face to her body. She was first mentioned in Holt’s journal, when he went on a date with her. Holt calls her a diva, but admits that he loves her singing voice. Operetta is mentioned again in the second wave diaries when Deuce asked for her help with recording a song he wrote for Cleo. Spectra overhears a bit of their conversation and runs wild with it across the school. Operetta’s first webisode appearance was in “Hiss-teria,” in which Cleo mistakenly believes that Operetta is trying to steal Deuce from her. Her pet is a spider named Memphis “Daddy-O” Longlegs. She is voiced by Gigi Sarroino

[edit] Clawd Wolf

Son of the Werewolf, Clawd is Clawdeen’s and Howleen’s older brother. He is seventeen years old and the only character who has a license and a car to drive. Clawd is frequently mentioned in the diaries that come with the dolls and made his first webisode appearance in “Fur Will Fly”. According to Ghoulia’s diary, Clawd dated Cleo up until the day before she started dating Deuce. Clawd is the BMOC (Big Monster on Campus) and plays on the casketball team with Deuce. In the second wave, Draculaura has developed a crush on him. At first, he thought of her as a friend, but they have started dating. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in season one and Ogie Banks III voices him in season 2. He owns a pet gargoyle bulldog, named Rockseena. In the Monster High books, his normie name is Claude.

[edit] Slow-Moe

Slow-Moe occasionally shows up in webisodes and his first appearance was “Cyrano De Ghoulia” as Ghoulia’s crush. Slow-Moe, just like Ghoulia, can only speak in moans the zombie “language” in-universe. Slow-Moe is often around without Ghoulia and is a member of the chess team, pretty much an exclusively zombie club. He does not like Heath’s guitar playing. He is voiced by Audu Paden.

[edit] Gillington “Gil” Webber

Gil is the son of the River Monster and is Lagoona’s boyfriend. He was first introduced in the webisode “Blue Lagoona” and has made recurring appearances since. Gil is one of the top members on the swim team alongside Lagoona. When on land, Gil has to wear a tank full of water over his head in order to breathe, though “Hatch Me If You Can” and the Gloom Beach arc shows that he can be on land for a short period of time without it. Gil reciprocates Lagoona’s feelings, but his parents disapprove of their relationship because Lagoona is saltwater, while the Webber family is freshwater. In “Back-to-Ghoul,” Lagoona is upset at having found out that Gil’s parents transferred him to another school, ostensibly to separate the couple. In “Here Comes Treble”, Gil is back at Monster High. His first doll will be part of the new beach line, Skull Shores. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

[edit] Toralei Stripe

Toralei is a 15 year old, orange werecat who was introduced in the webisode “Scream Building,” along with two other werecats, whose names are revealed in the newest diaries to be Purrsephone[2] and Meowlody. She was a fearleader until she and the rest of the fearleaders, except Frankie, grew tired of Cleo’s perfectionism and quit. She later tries to rejoin, but is rejected. Toralei, who hates to be rubbed the wrong way, backs up her cattiness by stating that it is her desire to see cause-and-effect. She is the main antagonist in the second season with Nefera. Cleo’s most recent diary reveals that Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody are on the squad because of the influence of her older sister, Nefera, who apparently keeps in touch with the trio after having graduated. Her diary reveals the reasoning behind the animosity towards Cleo: Cleo wasn’t a good fearleader in the beginning, so Toralei helped her with gymnastics. She was expecting to be named Fearleading Captain by Nefera who passed it onto Cleo. Cleo never thanked Toralei for her help. Toralei’s doll has a tail, unlike her depiction in the webisodes. She was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 and is scheduled for a December 2011 release. Her pet is a baby saber-toothed tiger cub named Sweet Fang. She is voiced by America Young.

[edit] Nefera de Nile

Nefera is Cleo’s older sister by three years, making her 5,845 years old. Nefera is cold-hearted and evil towards other monsters and even Cleo admits to feeling insecure around her. Nefera is the main antagonist in the second season. Nefera always makes life miserable for Cleo and rubs Cleo’s face in all of Nefera’s success. However, Cleo has far more friends than Nefera due to Nefera’s wickedness. Nefera is first mentioned in Clawd’s diary and her first webisode mention is in “Miss Infearmation”, but makes an onscreen appearance in “Hyde and Shriek.” Nefera was the fearleading squad captain until she graduated from Monster High. Nefera only allowed Cleo to join the squad to humiliate her, until Toralei helped her sister become a good fearleader. Nefera had Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody reinstated to the squad after they quit, and insists Cleo keeps them on. Nefera now works as a model, which only serves to add to Cleo’s feelings of insecurity and inferiority. A Nefera doll was unveiled on July 23, at San Diego Comic-Con International 2011.[3] Along with her pet, a scarab beetle named Azura, the doll will be released in March 2012. She is voiced by Wendee Lee.

[edit] Manny Taur

Son of the Minotaur. Manny has appeared in the background of many Monster High webisodes in season 2, making his debut in the foreground in “Miss Infearmation.” In both the webisodes and doll diaries, he is portrayed as a bully. In Abbey’s diary, he is picking on Howleen, Clawdeen’s little sister, and in the webisode, he is picking on Jackson. Manny has a sister named Minnie who, according to Frankie, does not approve of her brother’s behavior. He has been trademarked for a doll from before his first webisode appearance.[4] He is voiced by Audu Paden.

[edit] Howleen Wolf

Howleen is Clawd and Clawdeen’s younger sister. She shares a room with Clawdeen and is constantly borrowing Clawdeen’s clothes. Howleen will chew Clawdeen’s shoes and even wipes her nose on her sister’s jackets. Howleen becomes friends with Abbey after Abbey comes to her defense when she is being bullied by Manny. Howleen’s 1st appearence was in the Nickelodeon special ‘Fright On!’. The character name “Howleen Wolf” has been registered for a trademark since October 23, 2007.[5] She is voiced by America Young.

[edit] Scarah Screams

Scarah is the daughter of a banshee. She appears in the background of many webisodes. Scarah has white eyes with no pupils, green skin, and jet black hair styled in a bouffant flip. She was one of three characters (the other two being the Headless Headmistress and the Daughter of Arachne) in the running to be the next new Monster High character to debut as a doll; Mattel conducted a ballot poll at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International to determine which character would receive the honor. On August 11, 2011, the official Monster High Facebook page announced that Scarah received the most votes in the poll. The Scarah Screams prototype doll was unveiled at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International, and the official doll is to be released in 2012.

[edit] Daughter of Arachne

The Daughter of Arachne has no other revealed name. She has thus far only been shown in doll form, debuting as such at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International. The Daughter of Arachne doll had black skin, brilliant red hair, and six spindly arms. Mattel conducted a poll to determine whether she, Scarah Screams, or the Headless Headmistress would be the next Monster High character to be produced as a doll. The poll results determined Scarah Screams to be the winner by a slim margin over the Daughter of Arachne. Whether the Daughter of Arachne doll will be produced in spite of the poll results remains to be seen.

[edit] Hoo-Dude

Hoo-Dude is a voodoo doll that Frankie made in “Hoo-doo You Like?” when her friends insist on meeting the boyfriend that, in a misguided attempt to fit in, she claims that she has. Hoo-Dude was at first an inanimate doll, but when Frankie tossed him aside after her friends assure her that it was okay for her to not have a boyfriend, he sprang to life, crying over their “break-up.” He returns in “Ghostly Gossip,” still pining for Frankie. Heartbroken that she had shifted her interest to Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde, he beats on his chest in anguish, causing boys in his immediate vicinity to suddenly double over with chest pains. He is voiced by Cam Clarke.

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